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“I really like the book, the pictures are cool and Max is so cool and magical, the story is great, I really like it.”
– Sammy Perrelli,
Wayne, New Jersey (Age 7)

“Thank you for coming and reading us the Magical Max book. We really enjoyed learning how to make new friends. The pictures were amazing and we like how you used your own dog to come up with ideas!”
– Comments from a second grade class

“When my children were young their eyes always lit up when we would read any of Eric Carle's wonderfully written, wonderfully illustrated books.  They are teenagers now; but, when they read Magical Max Makes Friends, we all
felt that Mary Lou Décosterd had one-upped Mr. Carle.  Her delightful, well-illustrated book is not only a joy to read but includes three life lessons for children.  These life lessons are fundamental and so simple for children to grasp.  They were an unexpected bonus.  If you have young children or grandchildren, put the Magical Max book series on your must-have list!”
Fran Holmstron, St. Charles, Illinois

“Magical Max is truly magical!  I couldn’t wait to read and share “Magical Max makes Friends” with my kids.  They absolutely loved it and my daughter now claims the book is hers!
“As my children (3 and 8 years old) grow older, they become more aware of whom they select as friends.  “Magical Max makes Friends” gives them Max’s model of friendship: openness to different people as well as the need to approach each friend according to how they want to be treated.  While these concepts are difficult for many adults, Magical Max makes them understandable for children (and adults!).
“I highly recommend this book!”
– Ruth-Ann Swanson McKellin, Hoffman Estates, Illinois

“Our family loves our, Magical Max Makes Friends" book. This book teaches children such wonderful friendship and growing lessons. It relates and influences children in such a positive way. Max is a great role model for our young children. We cannot wait for Max's next adventure and his meaningful lessons.”
Lisa Shulski, St. Charles, Illinois

"It's been almost a year that my daughter Autumn has had Magical Max Makes Friends and she loves it! The book is Autumn's all time favorite. The illustrations are bold, gorgeous and so eye catching. I now have a son who I read this book to as well. His eyes never leave the page. I enjoy the messages the book conveys. Thanks again for helping my children learn to love books!"
Michelle Vasquez-Sottile, Oak Brook, Illinois