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The Magical Max books are geared for young readers between the ages of 2 and 8. The books' valuable life lessons make them well-suited for all child development venues. They are perfect for animal lovers as well. Children love Magical Max’s vibrant colors and engaging characters..

Book One Magical Max Makes Friends is available for purchase through the following two options:

1) Order directly from the publisher to receive SIGNED, PERSONALIZED copies. Using the “Who book(s) to be signed to?” box below, type in the first name(s) of those you are purchasing the book(s) for and then click the “Buy Now” button to get the ordering process started. If purchasing more than one book, list each book and name(s) separately for example: 1. Scott 2. Sally and Timmy 3. Jennifer

Who book(s) to be signed to?

2) Interested in carrying the Magical Max book in your STORE or at a FESTIVAL or EVENT? Retail Orders or Event Orders:

We currently sell to toy stores, pet boutiques, gift shops, book stores. We also sell our books at special events, at festivals and at corporate events. To carry the Magical Max books in your store or for event orders please contact us directly at either or by calling (215) 794-8516